QPH offers you unique scaffolding designs along with detailed calculations to make your projects economic and safe.

We provide an exceptionally engineered design solution for all kinds of access scaffoldings with prominence on quality, integrity, cost-effectiveness, and timeliness. Our designs are in accordance with the relevant standards and regulations.

We plan solutions for complex tasks carefully and precisely tailored to your individual requirements. Intensive planning ensures a smooth construction process and optimizes material and labor costs.

We support you with special planning software (SMART Scaffolder) which produces realistic 3D visuals adapts effortlessly to all situations and conditions to plan even particularly complicated projects quickly and comprehensively for you.

Full suite of CAD design (Auto-CAD), we create the required shop drawings determine the exact material requirements and supply you with all the component lists based on the ground plan and façade dimensions of your project.

At QPH, we always find the right solutions for your site requirements and are happy to take on challenges such as complex constructions and special structures.

Our design service includes but is not limited to:

Load bearing scaffold

Cantilever access scaffold

Suspended scaffold

Stack access scaffold

Facade access scaffold

Circular access scaffold

Heavy-duty lifting frames

Special event stages and arena

Road crossing missing in the website

Large screen support frames