Vision, Mission & Values


Delivering customer satisfaction

Providing cost effective solutions

Supplying high quality products and services

Installing safe and efficient work systems

Innovating latest technology solutions

Surpassing excellence


QPH aims to supply a quality product safely on time and to ensure prosperity and growth to all of its employees and clients by supplying a quality service.

To provide superior products and services that comply with statutory regulations and meet customer requirements, safely, on time and at a fair price.

Accelerate growth levels by means of employee training in health and safety and be able to provide a quality experience by integrating our superiority in service and safety.


At QPH we pride ourselves on our service, our professionalism, and our quality. We are guided by a Value system that enables us to achieve our vision and mission through:

Remaining Customer-Focused: We strive to identify our customers’ needs and provide appropriate solutions, always earning our customers’ trust and respect.

Being Employee-Centric: We ensure our staff are well-equipped to be successful at what they do with regular training, certification, and knowledge-transfer from our principals.

Integrity Is Our Bedrock: We maintain an honest and transparent relationship in all of our dealings with our customers, suppliers and partners following international best practices in our policies and processes.

Our Winning Spirit: Our commitment to continual improvement in our service offerings ensures we deliver successful results comparable with global industry standards.