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Cuplock Vertical / Standard

The CUPLOCK standards are the vertical elements of the system scaffold. They are manufactured from 48.3mm diameter by 3.2mm wall thickness, high yield steel tube. They incorporate fixed lower cups and 0.5m vertical centers with a captive free upper cup to form horizontal connections to up to four other components from the system. The lowest connection is some 80mm from the standards base and there is a fixed spigot to the top to allow connections to other standards with a locking nut to allow the development of tensile forces.

The Standard/Vertical Cuplock is the integral part of the cuplock system and is used in the installation of a scaffolding structure. These cuplocks are manufactured using graded mild steel and possess excellent load bearing strength. Besides from standard sizes, this cuplock is also designed in other customized sizes according to the specifications of the scaffold.

Length (m) Weight (kg)
1.00 5.80
1.30 6.60
1.50 7.86
1.80 09.10
2.00 11.20
2.30 11.60
2.50 14.00
3.00 16.50
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